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"Nature is always sharing her wisdom, let me help you hear her whispers."

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Meet Adam

The true Rock Star of the crystal community, Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood. He has now established himself as one of Australia’s premier spiritual teachers, adept at working with crystals, along with essential oils, animal guides, tarot and astrology. Let him help you discover the secret messages that the universe eagerly wants you to hear.

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Be With Adam

Join Adam for a range of workshops, readings and online events aimed at guiding you on ways to work with your favourite crystals, essential oils, animal guides and more. 

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Learn with Adam

Dive deep into the world of crystal energy and unlock your inner potential. Enroll now on Teachable to begin your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Nature Healers Course

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A Year of Crystals

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A Year of Angels


Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

Unlock insights from the Universe and discover the earthly gifts supporting your journey with a private tarot and oracle reading by Adam Barralet. Delve into the realms of the unseen as we explore what the Universe is urging you to explore at this moment. Adam will guide you through a 45-60 minute session, unraveling the mysteries of the cards to illuminate your path forward.

Explore Enlightening Treasures

Immerse yourself in a world of wisdom and wonder with our curated collection of crystal books, oracle cards, and CDs. 

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