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Crystal Connection Guided Meditations CD - Peace & Harmony

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Allow these four individual guided meditations to guide you back to your natural state of balance and inner harmony.

Track 1: Contact the angels with ANGELITE – This crystal is connected to the Angelic Realms and aids connection with Guardian Angels, Archangels and other spiritual guides.

Track 2: Express yourself with AQUA AURA – A creation of alchemy fusing gold with clear quartz. It grants access to healing energies and enables you to express what is within you.

Track 3: Find peace with BLUE LACE AGATE – This gentle crystal brings peace, relaxation and tranquillity to even the most tense person or situation.

Track 4: Allow abundance with LARIMAR – Connected with the life-giving oceans. Be guided to let go and accept the flow of abundance into your life.

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