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Crystal Connection Guided Meditations CD - Strength & Focus

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It's easy to get pulled into the frantic busyness of modern-day life. We can get distracted by constant demands and forget to devote time and energy to that which we love. These four guided meditations allow you to release fear, overcome obstacles and bring your focus back to that which is important.

Track 1: Focus with FLUORITE – This crystal allows you to develop your mental prowess and apply yourself to any task.

Track 2: Remove obstacles with MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN – A powerful type of volcanic glass which allows you to fully comprehend the challenge before you and find the best solution.

Track 3: Ground and simplify with RED JASPER – An earthy stone that settles the body, mind and soul and lets you find peace in simplicity.

Track 4: Banish fear with SERPENTINE- As Snake sheds his skin so shall your fears fall by the wayside with the help of this crystal.

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