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Crystal Connections Guided Meditation CD - Love

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Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years to attract love, promote luck, banish evil, ensure protection and restore health. Now you can learn how to easily access the power of crystals too. The CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS meditation range offer the ultimate way to connect with the crystals that have come into your life. Allow yourself to be gently guided to feel, hear and connect with your crystal so you can begin to experience its true magic. Allow CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS to take you on an amazing journey to a happier, healthier, loving, safe, free, powerful you!

Each guided meditation is inspirationally designed to include elements of the natural world that harmonise with each crystal's energy and further enhance the aim of the meditation. The accompanying music includes various components including corresponding planetary frequencies and written in the crystal’s main chakra’s key.

This album includes four complete guided meditations:
Find love with ROSE QUARTZ – Opens you up to receiving and giving more love in your life. Perfect for attracting a partner or reigniting a current romantic relationship.

Rise up with SERAPHINITE – A crystal of wellness and wholeness. It allows you to spread your “wings” and soar to your highest potential.

Connect with Universal Love with SUGILITE - The love stone of the New Age strengthens connection and love of all things upon the Earth and beyond.

Boost self-esteem with UNAKITE – This gentle crystal works to increase your self-esteem. It will help you to understand that you are important and worthy of love.

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