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Essential Connections Guided Meditations CD - Bliss

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Throughout the world, since the dawn of humanity, plant medicine has played a vital role in the well being of our ancestors. In more reason times the discovery of essential oils has allowed us to access the most potent parts of plants from all over the world. Not only do essential oils hold immense potential for healing of the body, but they hold valuable keys to unlocking the secrets to health of the mind and soul. The ESSENTIAL CONNECTIONS range now allows you to discover this magic for yourself as you are guided to hear, feel and experience a deeper connection with your favourite essential oils.

This CD contains four individual guided meditations inspirationally designed to include elements of the natural world that harmonise with each essential oil's energy and further enhance the aim of the meditation. Throughout the journey, you’ll be accompanying by blissful music which will assist with deeper relaxation, focus and emergence into your essential oil journeys.

Track 1: Return to Bliss with LAVENDER – Renowned for its relaxing properties, allow Lavender to relax your body and mind before creating a space which brings you new wisdom.

Track 2: Rise to Glory with LEMON – Uplifting Lemon helps you courageously rise above worries and stresses of your life, increasing your confidence and allowing your brilliance to shine brightly.

Track 3: Find your Happiness with ORANGE – Let the joy of Orange cast away any sombre or miserable thoughts and reconnect you with the true happiness that dwells within you.

Track 4: Gain Clarity with PEPPERMINT – The cooling and soothing effects of Peppermint brings ease to both body and mind, allowing you to find the answers you seek.

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