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The doTERRA Opportunity

Your springboard to freedom!

Awesome!  We are so glad you are loving doTERRA and looking forward to helping you share the love and enjoy the abundance that sharing offers.
Within these pages is heaps of information you’ll need to know how it works, what to do and where you can make a difference.
If you haven't already discussed this opportunity with someone else I'd love to partner with you to create freedom in your life.
E-mail me to find out more:  CLICK HERE!
First it’s important to give you in introduction into how the business works. Please take the time to watch these INTRO TO BUSINESS Webinars
Part 1 - The Business and The Opportunity : Why doTERRA awesome!
This video has been deleted.
Part 2 - LRP (Loyalty Reward Program), Ranks and Earning Commission :
How you are paid for sharing doTERRA