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Ten reasons why I chose
doTERRA Essential Oils


I've been using essential oils for over twenty years, hopping from brand to brand. I even worked for one Australian company. However when I was introduced to doTERRA I found a range of essential oils that sang in harmony with my heart and soul. Here is my video explaining ten reasons I chose doTERRA.

doTERRA's Testing


Every batch of doTERRA's essential oils are tested to ensure that you are receiving the finest essential oils in the world. This video explains more.


For further infomation

on Pure Essential Oils through CPTG Testing

Sourcing doTERRA Essential Oils


Rather than grow all the plants in one country, doTERRA has found the finest places in the would to acquire their oils. Not only are these plants often happily growing in their native environment but they are tended to patrons who know and love the plants from years of experience. This video explains more.


For more on the Global Botanical Network  

Co-impact Sourcing of doTERRA Essential Oils


When you choose doTERRA, not only do you benefit, but so does so many people around the world. This video explains more.



To explore more on Co-Impact Sourcing 

doTERRA's Charitable Contribution


Through doTERRA's Helping Hands Charity we are all able to make a difference to people around the world. This video explains more.





For more on the Healing Hands Foundation

Ready to cry?


This is one of the most beautiful videos demonstrating the difference doTERRA makes to communities around the world:

Let's talk business


doTERRA is structured as a network marking company, choosing to promote their products through advocates rather than main stream advertising avenues. Their customer retention is much higher than the industry average and their compensation plan is very generous. This video explains more.

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