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Mother Nature offers you an abundance of gifts to support you each and every day. 

Around the world plants and gracefully growing, nurtured by the earth below and the sun and moon above. They are willing to offer us their flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, barks, woods and roots so that we may acquire their magical essential oils. It is their wish that we may experience the love of the Earth and feel the joy and vitality we deserve every day. May we all honour these plants and ensure the sacrifice they make is not in vain. Let's all go out into the world and make it a happier, healthier, loving place while sharing the healing wisdom of these plants. 

What are essential oils

Essential oils are the part of the plant which allows it to survive and thrive in its environment. These aromatic compounds within each plant ward off pests, attract friendly herbivores and heal the plant from injury and infection. These compounds of the petals, leaves, bark, resin and/or rind of the plant play a crucial role in its longevity and resilience.

It’s easy to see why extracting these compounds and bringing them into our lives can benefit us in a similar way that it does to the plant.

The healing properties of plants have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of human knowledge of the healing properties of plants was found in Lascaux, located in the Dordogne region in France. There, cave paintings suggest the use of medicinal plants in every day life that have been carbon dated as far back as 18,000 B.C.E. Evidence of the use of plant medicine and essential oils has been found when exploring the history of Egypt, China, India and around Europe. These healing oils were held in high esteem. Consider why Frankincense and Myrrh were gifted to Jesus with Gold. 

Today, you can still see a little plant medicine being used in our homes. We sip Peppermint tea to help digest meals or apply Tea Tree to a bite or sting. We squeeze a Lemon into water in the morning for its metabolic boosting properties or spray ourselves with perfumes and colognes, filled with essential oils, to attract lovers. However, a revolution is happening. People are remembering the wisdom that was nearly lost forever. The amazing healing abilities of essential oils is attracting the attention of medical and healing practitioners around the world. They offer a safe, affordable, natural option with no negative side effects that empower the individual to take charge of their own health, and those that they love. The plants who were nearly forgotten are coming back into the spot light, to heal us in this great time of need. 


I am committed to being a voice for the plants that cannot always be heard themselves. I have chosen to align myself with doTERRA, a world leading essential oils company, for many reasons including:

- They produce a standard of essential oils that are pure and therapeutic grade. Rigorous testing by third parties of each batch of oils ensures that every bottle contains nothing but the desired therapeutic qualities of the plant with no toxins, contaminants and microorganisms.

- The plants are grown in around 40 countries around the world, simply because nature does it best and when a plant is in its natural environment, thriving in the correct soil and surrounded by the idea climate, the oils produced are of the highest grade, both physically and spiritually. 

- Over half of the nations where the oils come from are developing countries. Here doTERRA works hand in hand with local farmers, where the knowledge of these plants has been passed through generations. Not only does doTERRA support these farmers to make a sustainable living but the company makes significant charitable contributions ensuring the lives of these people are improved. Thus, by you aligning with doTERRA, you will be making a difference to families around the world, who otherwise you may never be able to touch. 

What doTERRA essential oils done for me?

If you had of met me back in 2014, I was constantly covered in eczema, red and itchy, scratching to the point of drawing blood. Pair that with hay fever each year and I was a sneezing, irritable mess. Although other options would offer temporary relief, the next day the symptoms would reappear, announcing that my body was not in balance. A beautiful friend of mine invited me to a free presentation about doTERRA oils and after embracing the essential oils as well as their cleaning products, self-care range and supplements, I now proudly say that embracing doTERRA has given me:

  • Clear skin

  • Better digestion

  • Ceased sugar cravings

  • Increased energy

  • Improved focus and sense of balance

  • A better night’s sleep

  • An option that is natural and empowers me to care for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

I have used essential oils for over 20 years but thought that their use was restricted to putting them in an oil burner or blending into a massage oil. Today doTERRA's essential oils and products are a vital part of my daily self care regime. I start the day adding two drops of Lemon to my water in the morning and diffusing uplifting scents to set the tone for the day. Through the day I use them in cooking, my drinking water and aromatically dress in them as well as to tackle any health challenge that may arise. At night they become my consort, helping me to meditate deeper and sleep with more peace. 

Thanks to their purity there are so many ways to use these oils: 

Topically (upon the skin)

  • Enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds

  • Localised effects (pain relief when applied to a specific area)

  • Systemic effects (the constituents of the oil penetrate every single cell in the body!)

  • Nurtures your skin


  • Purifies the air

  • Opens the airways

  • Elevates mood


  • Detoxifies the body

  • Assists digestive system

  • Supports immune system


There’s so much more to share with you. If you’d to start your essential oil lifestyle, email me: requesting more information, or, schedule a call with me here:

An invitation to work alongside me

I’m looking for like-minded men and women who are passionate about sharing the wisdom,and magic of these precious gifts of Gaia's plants, the essential oils. If you are ready to embrace combining your unique talents with the power of these essential oils, then I'd like to welcome you into my circle. 

If you are ready to step into an empowering and fulfilling role that gives you the ability to improve not only your life and those you love, but countless others, this is an opportunity for you. However be warned, this is not simply an essential oil opportunity, this is a personal growth opportunity. You will be supported by myself and hundreds of other kindred spirits who are all passionate about seeing you rise, succeed and become the most fabulous version of your self that is possible.

This is not an opportunity of sales, but an opportunity to reach out and touch people, make connections and educate and inspire them to welcome natural solutions for their health challenges. I am here to walk beside you, help you grow and lead by example. We will stand behind an impeccable company with a rich culture, excellent training, world-class product and generous compensation plan.

There is no reason why you must begrudgingly the fate that society channels the masses into. If you are feeling unfulfilled with your life, work, health and financial position but deep within you a voice whispers suggestions of another way, this is it. I'd like to welcome you into my team, regardless of where you live in the world. 


Network Marketing is the only business model out there that involves no risk, very little investment and zero experience doTERRA has a proven and successful model that gives you training as you grow, the ability to supplement, replace or exceed your current income in a structure that actively requires us to work together and support everyone we welcome into our loving oily family. It is my desire that, wherever you are in the world, through this meeting, that you may step into a life that is more abundant, joyous, fulfilling, inspiring and magical. It is time for your light to shone so brightly that the rest of the world has no choice but to follow.

Below you will find the higher leadership ranks within doTERRA and the average earnings. As a Diamond leader, it is my commitment to support you in achieving the success you set your sights on.

Network Marketing is provides a pathway for people all over the world to realise the limitlessness of abundance available to them. doTERRA has created a business model that allows you to help those in your community as well as others all around the world by sharing your passions for the gifts of Mother Earth. As you continue to do so, you'll start to enjoy not just financial prosperity with residual income but a life that is abundant in all your soul desires. If joining our team inspires you, reach out so I can share more with you:

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