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Crystal Connections Guided Meditation CD - Spiritual Connections

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With the assistance of your favourite crystals allow yourself to reach out and connect with the spiritual world around you. These four individual guided meditations connect you with the mer-people of the deep sea, your Goddess, the spirit of Mother Earth and beings of other worlds.

Track 1: Dive into the realm of the mermaids with AQUAMARINE – This crystal allows you to connect with the guardians of the deep to reveal their wisdom.

Track 2: Love life with MOLDAVITE – Venture on a journey out of this universe and reignite your passion for life.

Track 3: Connect to your Goddess with Moonstone – Gentle and dreamy like the Moon, this crystal draws down your Lunar Goddess before you.

Track 4: Connect to the Earth with SMOKEY QUARTZ – Heighten your connection and understanding of the planet which sustains and nourishes mankind.

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